Milestone signals industry recognition of quality product

milestone-signals-industry-recognition-of-quality-product-Issue-2-p4-5-1SITA-ResourceCo Victoria recently achieved a major industry milestone, marking the end of its first full year of operation.

Located at Hampton Park, the SITA-ResourceCo Recovery Facility sold a significant volume of approximately 100,000 tonnes of crushed recycled concrete in the year to June 30 – a sure sign that it is gaining increasing industry recognition.

The facility accepts mixed Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste material, which is recycled and used in the production of crushed concrete and other products, such as road base.

milestone-signals-industry-recognition-of-quality-product-Issue-2-p4-5-6SITA-Resource Co Victorian Manager Deane Reid said 60,000 tonnes of crushed concrete had been purchased by commercial and industrial customers in just five (5) months.

“The positive feedback from our customers has been very encouraging,” he said.”

Customers can see we are here for the long haul and they rely on the site for quality material. We are adding value to construction and demolition materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

milestone-signals-industry-recognition-of-quality-product-Issue-2-p4-5-4The facility is really starting to entrench itself in the C&D recycling market in greater Melbourne, and is recognised as a quality option for recycled crushed concrete products.”

Mr Reid said the site was ideally located to take advantage of growth.

“We are in Australia’s largest growth corridor, and there is an insatiable demand for materials,” he said.

“We are also looking to increase the suite of recycled products we offer.”

milestone-signals-industry-recognition-of-quality-product-Issue-2-p4-5-3The target for the current year is to sell 168,000 tonnes of product, although this will be dependent on the amount of raw feedstock received.

The product is independently tested by an accredited laboratory to meet VicRoads’ specification for recycled crushed concrete.

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