Why should Councils become involved in this project?

  • Quarried material for use in road-base is becoming more difficult to obtain
  • Stockpiles of recycled glass, brick and concrete are growing
  • Victorian Councils are members of the Sustainability Accord and have a carbon reduction target to achieve
  • Councils have been criticised for not using recycled materials in pavement construction
  • The use of these materials in the base of local roads and footpaths has been laboratory tested and field tested
  • VicRoads has been leading the way in using these materials in road-base for some years
  • Using these recycled materials in pavement construction will reduce a Council’s carbon footprint
  • The cost if using these materials is very similar (in some cases less) to using quarried materials for metropolitan and some other Councils
  • Councils manage some 84% of Australia’s roads by length and should be leading the way in using recycled materials in the pavement construction process
  • There are no disadvantages involved in the use of these materials
  • Councils involved in the program to date have gained a lot of positive media exposure for their commitment to recycling and reducing their carbon footprint

Why use recycled glass in pavement base when it should be going back into glassmaking?

  • Some 30% of glass cannot be re-used in the glass making process for a variety of reasons (size, colour etc). This material is currently going to stockpiles when it should be used in the base of local roads, footpaths, shared paths and backfill

Is the glass used in the recycling process dangerous to handle?

  • No, it is like sand to handle.

Are there specifications (supported by VicRoads) in place for using recycled glass and brick in the base of:

  • Local roads: yes
  • Footpaths: yes

What do Councils need to do to become involved in the Local Government Recycling Roads to Zero Waste Program?

Sign the MAV Program participation form stating that your Council will:

  • Use recycled material in pavement base
  • Identify which works in the Council’s 5 year capital works program have potential use for recycled materials
  • Ensure the Council’s procurement policy and practices support the use of recycled material (and that this position is clear to contractors)