Local authorities commend use of recycled glass in road base 

Sustainability Victoria commends the use of recycled sand in road base

In March, a tour was conducted of our Laverton recycling facility for visitors representing organisations including Sustainability Victoria, VicRoads and Wyndham City Council.During this tour Sustainability Victoria’s Chief Executive Officer Stan Krpan gave a presentation marking the commissioning of a glass additive bin and associated equipment.

Alex Fraser has been recycling glass into sand for over 10 years. This additive bin increases the use of this recycled sand in a range of products including VicRoads-approved road base. The additive bin was partially funded by Sustainability Victoria and was announced by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith on 18 July 2013.

The importance of using recycled products

While much of the glass put in recycling bins gets recycled, a large proportion is considered unfit for recycling and ends up as landfill. Alex Fraser’s innovative glass recycling process not only minimises the 100,000 tonnes of glass waste in Melbourne that is unfit for reuse. It provides a local source of high quality sand and road base product for infrastructure builders.

In his presentation, Sustainability Victoria CEO Mr Krpan acknowledged the long history between Alex Fraser and Sustainability Victoria, and stated that the organisation was proud to be associated with Alex Fraser. He commended Alex Fraser’s innovations and stressed the importance of active leadership:

“Infrastructure providers are showing more leadership in the use of recycled products that provide as high, or higher standards, than virgin materials, which is fantastic news for both our economy as well as our environment.” — Stan Krpan (CEO Sustainability Victoria)

A well-proven product

Speaking at the event, Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy explained Recycled Sand is a well-proven product that Alex Fraser has been using in pavements for over 10 years.

“Recycling is not really recycling until you find an end use for the recovered material, which is exactly what we have done. Alex Fraser has developed a product that is high quality, approved by regulators, and reduces the amount of waste that builds up in our community. I would like to thank the large number of organisations who are supporting this innovation for their hard work and support.”

Other attendees at the event included representatives from Visy, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria, the Municipal Association of Victoria, and the Australian Food and Grocery Council. These organisations play a key role in preserving our environment and improving our community by supporting Alex Fraser’s ongoing work to recover materials.

Watch the video for more information on how Alex Fraser turns glass back into sand.