Crushed Concrete Class 2 & 3

Description: Material data safety sheet for Crushed Concrete – Class 2 and Class 3

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Reclaimed Demolition Materials for Granular Base in Footpaths and Shared Paths

Description: This specification covers the requirements of 20 mm nominal size, crushed reclaimed demolition materials and plant mixed wet-mix crushed reclaimed demolition materials for granular base in footpaths and shared paths.

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Section 813 – Crushed rock for light duty base and subs pavement

Description: This section covers the requirements of crushed rock and plant mixed wet-mix crushed rock for 20 mm nominal size Class 3 base, and for Class 4 crushed rock subbase for light duty pavements. The material class, pavement course use and nominal sizes shall be as specified in the special clauses and/or the drawings and/or the schedule.

Crushed rock products shall be supplied only from a VicRoads accredited source. Products shall be supplied as Plant Mixed Wet Mixed Crushed Rock (PMWMCR) if specified in Clause 813.05(c).

Source rock types from which crushed rock base and subbase can be produced are specified in Section 801 – Source Rock for the Production of Crushed Rock and Aggregates. Requirements for crushed concrete are covered in Section 820 – Crushed Concrete for Pavement Subbase.

Construction requirements for unbound flexible pavements incorporating crushed rock are covered in Section 304 – Construction of Unbound Flexible Pavements.

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Use of Recycled Materials for Road Construction

Description: The last decade has seen a significant expansion in the availability and quality of recycled materials for use in road building. As pavement materials predominantly consist of crushed rock and aggregate there is significant opportunity to utilise alternative materials incorporating recycled products. This Technical Note is intended to provide guidance in the use of recycled materials in pavement works as an alternative to the use of conventional materials produced directly from quarried sources.

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