Victorian Council ‘Closes the Loop’

milestone-signals-industry-recognition-of-quality-product-Issue-2-p4-5-22One of Australia’s fastest-growing municipalities is reducing costs and improving sustainability through the recycling and re-use of waste concrete.

In a seamless and efficient process, City of Casey trucks deliver waste concrete to SITA-Resource Co and leave the Hampton Park site with recycled material for new jobs. As Victoria’s largest municipality and one of the fastest-growing in the nation, the council is working hard to provide the necessary infrastructure to support a growing community.

Its extensive kerb and footpath replacement program has enabled the Council to take advantage of SITA-ResourceCo’s nearby facility.

Manager Roads and Construction Rob Kriek said the Council had been delivering waste concrete and purchasing recycled crushed concrete since July 2010.

milestone-signals-industry-recognition-of-quality-product-Issue-2-p4-5-2SITA-ResourceCo’s 20mm Class 3 and Class 4 crushed concrete were being used under new footpaths, for resheeting unsealed roads and for creating access tracks into new developments.

Mr Kriek said the Council had sent about 8,000 tonnes of waste concrete to the facility in the past year and purchased about 3,000 tonnes of recycled crushed concrete. The waste was previously sent to the waste transfer station.

He said being in one of Australia’s biggest growth corridors meant there was the potential for the relationship to expand.

“We are testing the product and we will then consider including it in our standard specifications,” he said.

“There is substantial environmental benefit because we are recycling what we have already got and not taking material out of a quarry.”

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